How To Change The Messaging App Opened By The Forever Alone Widget

Many have written to me asking how they could change the messaging app opened by the widget. Here is the answer.


20 Responses to “How To Change The Messaging App Opened By The Forever Alone Widget”

  1. Goddamnit, I can’t get it to work on the Evo

  2. I have HTC Desire and I use Handcent SMS. I downloaded the widget and I love it but it opens android messaging when I have a new sms. I tried to follow the instructions above but it still isn’t opening handcent when I get a text.

  3. Yup. On HTC legend with sense UI as well. Can’t set forever alone guy widget default either

    • Default in forever alone widget aren’t involved, it’s a problem with the Sense, they locked the choice blocking the phone into the default choice.

      Maybe on a rooted phone with htc sense you can change the default even on sense.

      Sorry but now i don’t have a Sense phone to test, 😦

  4. I cant get it to work on my droid2 how do you set it up? Couldnt find a tutorial anywhere..or perhaps it does not work on the droid 2?

  5. I managed to figure it out, silly mistake on my part.

  6. Looks like htc messaging will be FORVER ALONE! AHA I love tumblr

  7. Sad :[ It doesn’t wirk on Android 2.1 (Vodafone 845).

    Can you help me?

  8. Damian Says:

    I got it working on my HTC Desire (rooted) BUT mms won’t work so I gave up. Too bad.. this widget is cool. lol
    If anyone wants to know how:
    Install titanium backup and freeze the default messenger app.

  9. jessyylouu Says:

    Damnnnn really want this to work on my evo! That sux there needs to be options in the app to set it up to handcent

  10. My defauts say cleared but the app still won’t work on my phone :/

  11. Aniihearts Says:

    Man! I couldnt clear default! Anyone know why?

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