Forever Alone Widget

A very simple SMS Widget for Android.

It remains FOREVER ALONE until you get a SMS or a MMS and gives you the unread sms and mms count.




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8 Responses to “Forever Alone Widget”

  1. Nice app! KKKKKK

    Can you give me your email, i need to talk with you.

  2. Any chance on a forever stalone spin off?

  3. […] lulz-industries « Forever Alone Widget […]

  4. Best App ever!

  5. i dont like this,
    i know the person who made that image of foreveralone.
    and im guessing you dont have permission to use it on something that brings in revenue

    • I don’t earn a penny, actually I’m losing money with the subscription of the Android Market… People can donate if they like apps with memes and stuff and these apps are free. I don’t do this with the intent to earn money, just to have fun.

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